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Sex and the City XXX
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Do you want your girlfriend to watch porn with you?  Women love porn with plot more than action.  However, you can have the best of both worlds with Sex and the City: A XXX Porn Parody!  Regardless of what society has taught you—girls like to get fucked too!  Sex and the City is the perfect porn with an array of pussy!  Blond pussy, red pussy, brunette pussy, and slutty blond pussy!  What more could you cum for?

This HBO original series about girls wanting to get fucked is the best thing that has cum along since the Internet!  Teaching women that those hot shoes you bought her are for fucking not walking!  The storyline will keep your girlfriend interested, and you cumming!  If Carrie does it, your girlfriend will do it better!  Mr. Big has a job offer in L.A. and Carrie wants to move there with him so she can fuck him all the time!  Carrie’s girlfriends don’t want her to leave and they are shocked that she wants to go to L.A. with him.  Well, his name is Mr. Big, no wonder she wants to follow that thing around!  In the meantime, Charlotte’s boyfriend Harry wants to explore her ass!  Miranda and Steve want to spice things up with a threesome on Craigslist!  And Samantha will always keep us entertained, dumping her hot actor boyfriend for a nice new boy toy next door! 

Kayla Paige stars as Carrie, Brittany Andrews is featured as Samantha, Bobbi Starr is Charlotte, Zoe Voss as Miranda, and our favorite Evan Stone as Mr. Big!

Stick your dick in this chick flick!  You will be pleasantly surprised and entertained!  Sex and the City: A XXX Parody is available—watch it now!

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